Sue Savage has been a potter since the 1970's, exhibiting within South Africa as well as lecturing part-time
at Stellenbosch University for a number of years.
She took a break from ceramics for a while, exploring the interior design and textile industries as well as owning a very successful guest house for 20 years.


Now, she's going back to her roots and is back in the studio! See what she's been creating...

Excellence takes time...

Sue Savage has always loved handbuilding - pinching, coiling and slab building. Now, she's thrilled to be back in the studio! Recently she's been making larger pots that touch on some of the enironmental issues that are confronting us. See what she's been creating...

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Excellence takes time

Each piece is handsculpted, fired and then glazed, a process which takes a great deal of time. But it will be worth the wait!

Careful delivery

Sue will personally ensure that your purchase is well packaged and arrives in one piece.

Locally sourced

Susan uses only the best quality clay and glazes, using her years of experience to create a piece to be appreciated